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pandoodles's Journal

Pandect Doodlers Unite!
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Pan-doodles is a community formed by three mods from the [Pandect RPG Forum] in order to spam in a creative, albeit orderly fashion on the weekends. Most of these doodles consist of characters from/based on the web-comic, [Pandect], or from original characters in the Pandect Universe. It's an open community [meaning anyone can join].

Community Introduction and Rules

This place is for posting up doodles, specifically for doodles with themes set by one of the mods. Every Wednesday, a theme will be posted, and PanRPG members get to send in pictures of Pandect-related charries [be it be you, your charries, or the actual Pandect characters]. Of course, you could post for old themes too. :3

All theme art challenge entries can be found in the community's memory list.


1. Use the correct template. Templates can be found [here].

2. Tag your entries properly with the name of the challenge and the characters you’ve used.

3. Put some effort into your doodles. This means making things other people will enjoy, and not drawing just a bunch of stick figures. That said, your drawings don't have to be super-fancy or creative. Yeah, you have to put in some effort into it, but the main thing to do is have fun!

4. All computer drawn doodles are welcome, be it MSN doodles, Paint, oekaki, or any other program you have access to.

5. Images aren't to be put under an LJ-cut unless said otherwise.

Mod-trio: piruchan [Piru], rz7889 [RZ], and kaera13 [Keki]

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