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2007/Week 5 - Technology

Character: Aurelius, Ace of Sumatran Tigers (Keki)
Artist: Piru

Rell: "BRILLIANT! Now I'll never have to worry about getting lost."

A tricycle with a GPS system? xD;; And some kind of a rocket motor and a headlight?

This tricycle seems a bit too fancy (and dangerous) to actually have a ride on. xD

CHALLENGE! 2007/Week 5: Technology

IT's wednesday! early Wendnesday for me...sorta...it's 6 so...

but draw something with technology, futuristic technology

Mar, over and out.

Next week, theme picking duities are for empty_tank1313

2007 Week 4: Bloodbath

Characters: Zeke, Ace of Perentie Goanna(Zeke), Drake Aceof Red Tailed Hawks (Lego)
Artist: MarTW

Zeke: :humming:

yeah, a literal Dreke blood bath...first thing i thought of...

CHALLENGE! 2007/week 4 - Bloodbath!

Hallo alles! It's Wednesday and I have the duty of informing you all of what this weeks theme is! I bet you're all dying to know!

The theme this week is

That's right folks, Bloodbath! is this weeks theme! Be it literal, figurative or whatever post your doodles up!

The person who is in charge of next weeks theme is: DICHIGO88!!!!

Now get to work!

2007/week 3 - Socks

Character: Vaux, Ace of European Otters (Piru)
Artist: Piru

Vaux: ".. Don't tell me that sock is there because of Disney..."

Disney? Now WHO could he ever be talking about? xD

A sock on the doorknob suggests bed-activity in progress, which makes all of this very very disturbing.

2007/Week 3: Socks

Toné, Ace of Gila Monsters [Mar], Mankato, Ace of Timber Wolves [Wingy]
Artist: Mar

Toné: And that's why i don't like wearing socks
Mankato: Uh-huh...:scribblescribble:

Yeah, this is what i thought of after decided i wouldn'tgo the pervy route.
The Sock chasing Tone is based off the people from the Go-Go- Gadget Gospel music video
:whispers: my next one won't be so big.... :goes to resize it a bit:

CHALLENGE! 2007/week 3 - Socks

This week's weekly art challenge theme has been chosen by PirateJen, but because she's not able to, I'm posting it for her. PirateJen chose:


Woohoo. I certainly know what to draw, eheheh. >8D
And next week's challenge will be chosen by ZAPHIKIEL!
Remember to post next week Wednesday!

In case you were wondering how the "candidates" are chosen, we're going down the member list alphabetically: http://community.livejournal.com/pandoodles/profile

Post up ya doodles, everyone!

2007/Week 2 - Safari

2007/Week 2 - Safari
Character: Ikou, Ace of Thomson's Gazelle (Piru), Kaiga, Ace of Jaguars (Piru), Vaux, Ace of European Otters (Piru)
Artist: Piru

Vaux: "Oooh! I've got a leopard in sight." *films it*
Kaiga: "Ugh. You STILL can't see the difference between a leopard and a jaguar?"
Gazelle in the BG: "RUN, Ikou! There's a gigantic cheetah standing right next to ya! RUN!!!"

This drawing just shows how much I know about african flora, ahaha.
The only african animal here is Ikou.. and his buddies in the back. xD;;

2007/Week 2 - Safari

2007/Week 2 - Safari
Character: Arjuna, ace of Asian Elephants (robotboob)
Artist: piratejen

Safari leader:"And here we have a prime example of an…Asian Elephant!?”

Challenge! 2007/Week 2 - Safari

Ack, huge apologies for missing out a whole week. I had some minor issues at home which needed my attention.

So! The theme for this week is to be:


Inspired by The Lion King, cause I love it so~ <3

Happy doodling~ :3


and Keki, Modicons: RZ, Piru
Pandect Doodlers Unite!

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